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Destiny Elements for Breakdance Website Builder

In the competitive landscape of web development and design, the demand for versatile, efficient, and performance-oriented tools has never been higher.

Breakdance Builder, a newcomer to the page builder market, emerged to challenge established players like Elementor. However, recognising the opportunity to enhance this new platform, Destiny Elements initiated its development in August 2022.

Aimed at filling the gaps within Breakdance Builder, Destiny Elements focused on delivering advanced and dynamic elements to streamline the workflow for designers and developers alike. website

Development and Growth

Destiny Elements began as a side project with a clear vision: to provide additional functionality and efficiency to the Breakdance Website Builder.

The development concentrated on creating premium elements that not only addressed the existing limitations of Breakdance Builder but also introduced new capabilities that were absent in the market.

As a result, Destiny Elements quickly evolved from a side project to a significant enhancement tool, boasting over 30 premium elements and being utilised by thousands of websites globally.

Notable Elements

Among the array of features, three notable elements stand out for their innovation and utility:

Faceted Search

Facted Search Element from Destiny Elements

An advanced search mechanism that allows users to refine their search criteria based on multiple filters, significantly improving the user experience.

Ajax Search

Ajax Search element from Destiny Elements

Provides instant search results as the user types, enhancing the interactivity and speed of website navigation.

Destiny Accordion

Destiny Accordion from Destiny Elements

A dynamic content display element that allows for efficient organisation and presentation of information, improving readability and engagement.

These elements exemplify the commitment of Destiny Elements to enhance the functionality and user experience of websites built with Breakdance Builder.

Product Offering

Destiny Elements offers a Lifetime Deal (LTD) license and an automated sales system, making it an attractive investment for web developers and agencies. Emphasizing performance, the development team ensures that the implementation of these elements does not adversely affect website speed, a crucial factor for SEO and user retention.

Destiny Elements Pricing Plans

Affiliate Program

The success of Destiny Elements is also attributed to its affiliate program, which has garnered significant participation from the web development community. This program has not only expanded the user base but has also created a thriving community of advocates for the product.

Continuous Improvement

Destiny Elements is committed to excellence, with constant updates that address bugs, extend features of existing elements, and introduce new elements to its collection. This dedication ensures that Destiny Elements remains at the forefront of web development technology, continually enhancing the Breakdance Builder platform.

Destiny Elements Update Log


Destiny Elements for Breakdance Website Builder has established itself as a pivotal addon for web developers and designers seeking to enhance their workflow and output quality. With over 30 premium elements and a growing user base, Destiny Elements exemplifies innovation, performance, and community engagement in the web development industry. As it continues to evolve, Destiny Elements stands as a testament to the potential of targeted enhancements in elevating the capabilities of emerging technologies like Breakdance Builder.

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