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Insurance Hub for Credit Unions

In the evolving landscape of financial services, credit unions seek innovative solutions to offer their members comprehensive insurance options. The partnership between our team and Linked Financial marks a significant step forward, creating a specialised platform for Credit Unions like Lisduggan Credit Union. This platform empowers members to effortlessly obtain quotes for Life Cover, Mortgage Protection, Serious Illness, and Income Protection.

Hub has been vetted and approved by the Central Bank of Ireland, ensuring compliance and trustworthiness at every level.

lisduggan credit union insurance hub

Simplified Quote Generation

Developed with a focus on the user journey, the platform streamlines the process of obtaining live quotes from leading insurers such as Royal London, Irish Life, Aviva, Zurich, and Standard Life. Utilising an API, it ensures that members receive up-to-the-minute pricing, making the search for the right insurance cover both efficient and transparent.

lisduggan credit union website
loading screen for HUB

Enhancing User Experience

Understanding the importance of user experience, we introduced a dynamic loading screen with the message "Searching for Your Ideal Quote...". This not only provides a tangible sense of the platform's active search for the best options but also maintains user engagement without the wait feeling burdensome.

Seamless Process and Backend Integration

Once members select a quote, the platform facilitates the smooth collection of personal details accordingly with the GDPR compliance, enabling Linked Financial to easily follow up with potential customers. Additionally, the development extends to the backend, where Linked Financial can access quote details, member choices, and initiate direct communication through email notifications.


This collaboration between our team and Linked Financial has yielded a user-centric platform for Credit Unions, enhancing their ability to serve members with a wide range of insurance options. By focusing on the user journey, integrating live quote capabilities, and ensuring seamless backend processes, the Insurance Hub stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology in transforming the delivery of financial services.

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